Hyperspace Rocket TRAIN Designs and Tea Bar

We are a family owned and operated hobby store with an attached tea bar at TownMall of Westminster.

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We have two stores in the mall. One store focuses on hobbies and tea, and the other store focuses on model railroading and toys. These are resources for our model railroad customers. Visit us at the Hyperspace Train Designs store at Westminster TownMall.

Model Railroading

Tools for Laying Track

  1. Marker
  2. Caulk Gun
  3. Large Knife

Materials for Laying Track

  1. Track
  2. 1" Foam Insulation Board
  3. Foam-Friendly Adhesive (e.g., Liquid Nails for Projects)

Tools for Model Railroading Scenery

  1. Marker
  2. Scissors
  3. Drywall Saw
  4. Putty Knife
  5. Quick Clamps (4)
  6. Rasp
  7. Needlenode Pliers
  8. Drill with 1/16" Drill Bit
  9. Wire Brush
  10. Sanding Block
  11. X-Acto Knife
  12. Tape Measure
  13. Straight Edge
  14. Large Knife
  15. Side Cutters

Materials for Model Railroading Scenery

  1. Sheet Cork
  2. Old Newspaper
  3. 2" T Pins
  4. Casting Plaster
  5. Drafting (Masking) Tape
  6. Foam-Friendly Adhesive
  7. Road Building Kit
  8. Gravel
  9. Foam Turf
  10. Scenic Cement
  11. Cinders (Asphalt)
  12. "Realistic Water"
  13. Trees
  14. 1/16" Wire